Academy of Art University is Nurturing Talent in the Country

May 1, 2019 |

Started in 1929, the founding fathers of Academy of Art University started it to guide and instruct the next generation of artists. The organization has lived up to the vision since its inception. It has grown to become strong and successful to churn out great artists.

The Academy of Art University fraternity believes that anyone with passion and commitment to learn new art skills in the industry can succeed to become largest creatives of our time. People who are undergoing training at the university are visionaries of tomorrow. One thing that Academy of Art University people have learned over the past more than 80 years it has been operational is that the hard working people are the ones who succeeds. Actually, it has been found that success in art is 90% hard work and 10% talent.

The university provides a professional environment so students feel comfortable to try out new things, failing, getting up, trying again and succeeding. The environment exposes the students to the realities of life and when the day to go out there and apply things learned in class comes, they are well prepared. Students are empowered to learn things that they could not anticipate they would know. The academy exposes students to opportunities and it is up to them to take them up. If you visit the academy’s facilities including halls and fields, you will find students with a common purpose. You will find an artistic home.

About Academy of Art University

Based in San Francisco, Academy of Art University is a private art school which has more than 383 full-time teachers as well as 1154 part-time teachers. With more than 11,000 students, it is claimed to be the largest private art and design school in the US. It fosters innovation through a team of highly qualified professionals, advanced facilities and curriculum in a number of areas of study.

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