Article Title: Steve Ritchie says Papa John’s is bigger than any individual

May 3, 2019 |

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Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s, a leading global supplier of pizza. Ritchie has been with this company for the past two decades. He started working for Papa John’s as a franchise before joining the company as a direct employee. By the time he was employed in 1996, he had already developed a liking for the company. He was ready to see it succeed. Over the years he has been in this company, he has taken it upon himself to make the company successful by offering services with all his might. , and that’s how he has risen from the bottom to the top of the company’s management.

The appointment of Steve Ritchie came at a time when the company needed a leader who could build customer confidence. To mend any fences that might have been broken by the past leadership, Steve started his job by writing an apology letter to the stakeholders of Papa John’s. In this apology, he expressed his sincere apologies for any mistakes that the company would have committed to its customers. He also revealed the measures that he would take to ensure that actions of any stakeholder do not shatter the reputation of the company.

Papa John’s offers jobs to thousands of people around the world, and if it would be brought down by the actions of one man, that could be a huge mistake. Papa John’s has been around for many years, and no single person can claim to be behind the success of the entire company. This company deserves to be protected from anyone who might try to tarnish its reputation. Even if that person is a senior executive, that does not make them indispensable. The company is larger than any one person, and the customers need to realize that fact. Many people depend on this company, and they need not be punished because of the actions of one person.

Steve Ritchie’s apology letter also outlined the measures that the company will take to prevent cases that might interfere with the reputation of the company.

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