Besty Devos Continues to Stay Strong In Her Campaigns

Mar 29, 2018 |

Betsy Devos is a known fighter. In public, she is very polite. However, in private, she is known as someone who is ruthless when it comes to getting what she wants to be done. She will make sure that her agenda gets passed. She has a will of iron, and everyone she works with has experienced that. Betsy Devos is someone who can be relied upon to get things done.


In Washington, Betsy Devos is known as someone who is not afraid to stand up to the people who were there before her. She has no problem saying what she thinks is right, even if there is opposition to her ideas from people who have more experience and have more connections. A good example, as highlighted in a piece from the New York Times, is when the Trump administration came out with the bill to overturn what Obama put in place with regards to the transgender bathroom bill. Betsy Devos did not agree with the Trump administration’s policy with regards to the bill. She wanted the employees who worked for the Education Department to be able to go to any bathroom that they wanted to. However, she was not successful. She called in an employee for the education department who was the representative of all the other employees who belonged to the LGBT community. She told the employee that she did her best. In public, there was no indication that there was any rift inside the Trump administration about this issue. However, it was clear that in private, Betsy Devos went against established Trump administration members, such as Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


Those that think that Betsy Devos is meek are utterly mistaken. Although she is the epitome of politeness, there is nothing meek in how she goes about getting things done. Whether it was in Michigan, where she was the chair of the Republican Party, or in Washington in her current role of Secretary of Education, she is always strong in her beliefs and the way she pushes for them.


Betsy Devos was born to the Prince family in Michigan. She comes from a family that is full of philanthropists. Her husband is Dick Devos. The Devos family owns Amway and is also known as a philanthropic family. Betsy and Dick Devos have continued in their families’ traditions. They are both philanthropists themselves. One of the things that they like contributing to is education. However, they are also known to contribute to other causes, such as healthcare for kids and adults, as well as causes such as arts and culture.


Betsy Devos is one of the main leaders of the school choice movement. She has done quite a lot to get it off the ground and gain support and momentum. Without her, the school choice movement would not be where it is now. Thanks to her efforts, thousands of kids from all over the country are now able to attend schools that are better suited to them than public schools.


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