Betsy DeVos and her Educational Reform Movements

Jul 12, 2018 |

Have you seen the latest on Betsy DeVos? She has been working the country for education reform, and while many criticize the new US Education Secretary, she is not one to shy away from interviews. DeVos has been working with education officials to look at how educational choice can help students go to a better school. Despite the opposition, DeVos is certain that there is a way that students and teachers can be happy with the latest round of education reform.


Reforming America’s education system isn’t a new topic, but it’s one that has polarized the populace for many years. This is due to the fact that many don’t know what the answer is. Standardized testing was believed to have solve some of the problems, but many child psychologists say that it just teachers memorization skills, rather than actual reading comprehension and math skills.


Challenged by Leslie Stahl in a recent interview on “60 Minutes,” Betsy DeVos talked about the success of the program in certain states and how it felt to work alongside lawmakers who believed in educational choice.


Most people don’t understand what it all means. DeVos explains that public funding isn’t responsible for the success of the programs. Rather, she has been working with donors to help with the different needs of each program. This includes donations from Mark Zuckerberg, Sam Walton, and Bill Gates. Philanthropy has been the backbone of the educational choice movement.


With the new options, students are able to pick from homeschooling, virtual schools, magnet programs, charter schools, and private schools. However, some of these schools require a voucher, which has been difficult to get with the new rules. DeVos is working to make it easier on students who are just looking to go to a school that isn’t failing in their own district.


Despite her many opponents, DeVos continues to raise more funding, trying to do the most that she can to raise a ton of investments for scholarship programs and other projects in line with education reform.


Her latest is to help with student reform as more threats continue to poor in from students who may have the potential to do harm. DeVos belies that students must be safe whenever they go to school, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that teachers may not carry a gun. DeVos is still out on that one. She believes that legislators will have to come up with better ideas to keep schools gun-free.


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