Betsy DeVos: Pushing Schools to Go beyond Their Expectations

May 16, 2018 |

When you’re applying for a job, employers typically want to know where you went to school. Even if you didn’t attend a secondary educational institution, you are required to put down where you attended high school. Now, many people will say that the employers are typically interested in discerning whether you have obtained a diploma or GED. This is true, but should they look at your resume and see a private or magnet school on there, it will tell them that you are part of something special. The same goes for students that are applying to colleges and universities. As more people are being pushed towards secondary education and it becomes more popular, the competitive nature of such a situation helps weed out individuals who are not up to par. Some of the criteria that admissions boards may use to make decisions are GPAs and school types. While it is not entirely fair to say that a student from a public-school system will not receive a quality education, it is worth noting that there are substantial benefits from attending different types of institutions.


These are just some of the arguments that current Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has for the option of school choice. If you were in a situation where there was a school near your district that was earning significant accolades and awards, wouldn’t you want your child to be able to attend it? Instead, you might get stuck with a school that has students failing out of SOL testing. It is amazing the difference that a ZIP Code can make in a child’s ability to succeed. When you see an example like this, Betsy DeVos urges that it is in the hands of the parents to make a choice to help their children. One of the ways that parents can do this is through the use of school systems beyond the public sector. Often, parents don’t think about the fact that they have the option to enroll their children in private, magnet, and online schools. Each of these types of education offers students a different way of learning required materials. They also allow students to look at the education process through their own eyes, instead of being forced to maintain an educational standard that has been developed to a blanket application.


Betsy DeVos has expressed extreme excitement over recent moves by states such as Illinois and Louisiana to extend their alternative school systems. Philanthropy Roundtable reports that she is also excited about changes in her own state of Michigan and Florida. Florida, in fact, is quickly developing one of the largest alternative school systems in the nation. There are magnet schools cropping up all over the state and students are already experiencing more autonomy when it comes to their education. This leaves parents feeling in more control of their children’s academic journey. The thing that Betsy DeVos believes is most important is that these systems continue to work to increase their degree of excellence. It is easy to change; the most difficult part is maintaining that change to go beyond.


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