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Dec 27, 2017 |

Many people who do not know Betsy Devos personally may underestimate her because of the excellent looks. However, those who do know her will tell you to watch out. Watch out because when she sets her mind to something, she gets it. Betsy is the US secretary for education and a wife to the prominent Dick Devos. Her father is Edgar Prince, the founder of a billion dollars business called Christian Conservative Causes.

Having grown up in the parts of Holland Michigan, Besty managed to work at an auto spares company in the early days. Her family has vast fortune which Betsy uses in rewarding her close allies and punishing the traitors opposing her course. Other roles done by Betsy include:being a political fighter, a republic donor, former chairperson of the Michigan republic party and an advocate for the charter schools.

There was a policy passed that allowed the transgender students to use bathrooms belonging to their gender identity. Betsy did not agree with the policy at all. But when Trump made the announcement, she was right there beside him. No one however, would even suspect that she held different views on the issue because of the good face she puts.

Her character is very outstanding; the people who have worked with her such as Randi Weingarten and Mr. GregMcNeilly would tell you that. She works mostly behind the scenes to enforce change and implement new legislation. When lawmakers get in her way of doing things, she fights back with all her energy and resources.

Back in Michigan politics, her reputation is renowned. People do fear her, and not because of the wealth she has but determination in what she believes in. She went to Washington with entirely no experience in government issues. She has gradually gained root and learned the ropes of working in the education department. Her first order of business in office was to call for a meeting with the two senior teachers’ union leaders namely Ms. Weingarten and Lily Eskelsen Garcia. Ms. Weingarten was first resistant but later accepted to visit schools with Betsy.

Despite her efforts, Betsy has had the lack of connection to public schools. She actively together with her husband supports the idea of having charter schools. She advocated for tax vouchers to support tuition in private schools. Even with the low support, her relentless ability kept her going. As of now, Detroit has the most significant number of charter schools which perform better than public schools.


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