Bob Reina: A Man Who Doesn’t Pass Up Opportunity

May 3, 2018 |

Bob Reina continues to see unparalleled success in his business ventures. A former police officer, Bob is now a full-time network marketer and heads an incredible business called Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion

What is Talk Fusion and from where did this idea come?


Talk Fusion is the name of Bob’s company, a business that offers exciting in-demand products.


Like all great ideas, this business idea started when Bob saw a need that wasn’t being filled.


He tried to send a short clip via email to some contacts. To his surprise, AOL wouldn’t allow him to do so.


Bob wondered why such a large, successful company¬†like AOL didn’t provide this service. Instead of being disappointed by this and settling for less, Bob did what any great businessman would do: he made this need work for him.


Bob joined forces with his long-time IT friend, Jonathan Chen, and they created Video Email, a product of Talk Fusion.


Now people everywhere can conveniently send videos from their email accounts.


Bob’s Team

Bob Reina loves the direct selling model.


Direct selling is profit sharing, which simply means that you get paid in multiple ways, including when your team members get paid or when they advance.


Bob likes to tell people that he gets paid when others people’s dreams come true.


That’s the beauty of network marketing: everyone works together as a team to reach a common goal.


Bob uses the direct selling model to train Talk Fusion associates.


Starting with his time as a police officer, Reina has always loved helping people, and now Talk Fusion is allowing him to help people to reach their financial goals as well.


Keep Pushing No Matter What

When asked why he feels he is so successful, Bob remarked, “It all comes down to the power of a dream.”


Though you may fall and err at times – such as he did while growing in network marketing – all that matters is that you remain focused, get back up, and learn from your mistakes.


Always think of ways to continue growing and to continue offering a product that the world needs. Learn more:


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