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Oct 6, 2017 |

The perfect excuse to think about in the upcoming change in seasons is the exciting meal options for all. For sure, there is no reason for one to be sad about summer coming to an end. Many thanks to the fantastic fall food as well as wine pairings suggested by the Traveling Vineyard.

Indeed, without being ambushed by all things pumpkin, it would not be the fall period. From the pies to lattes, the flavor extracted from the pumpkin is one of the greatest associations with the fall of the season.

It doesn’t matter whether you like or enjoy your pumpkin treats since there is a delicious option from Traveling Vineyard that complements the rich-flavored and unforgettable pumpkin taste perfectly.

Even though you might enjoy a sweeter pumpkin dessert, the perfect much is the 2016 Beeline Muscat Canelli from Traveling Vineyard which you can’t afford to miss. In as much as this wine has lots of sweetness, there is not so much sugar which can overpower the flavor in your dessert and more information click here.

While in most cases, white wines are thought of as the best summer options. This specific semi-sweet wine has the required amount of bold flavor that works for all.

An additional option for more tasty meals is the 2016 Pebble Viognier California, another one from Traveling Vineyard. You will notice an overpowering fragrance and a taste of much more spices in the wine. The aroma helps in making heartier fall foods richer and

Whenever you are in need for one wine option which would pair nicely with both your fall dessert in addition to the main dish, this one will do the trick for you, and I promise that you will certainly enjoy the results of it all.

More to the point, it won’t clash with sweeter flavors since it just serves as a delightful balance to more sugary treats. Even though it is recommended that it should be served with the main dish, such as the pumpkin ravioli, this type of wine is so mouth-watering that it will over and over again carry through to dessert and learn more about Traveling Vineyard.

The Traveling Vineyard is an American firm located in Ipswich, Massachusetts. It uses a direct-selling platform of home-based wine tastings for its members. Since it was founded in 2001, Richard Libby later purchased the company and restructured in 2010 and their Facebook.

The marketing model has an approximated 5,000 independent representatives. The wine Guides are the Traveling Vineyard officials who pay a one-time fee to obtain wine education material.

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