Doe Deere Discusses Her Brand And Entrepreneurial Journey

Jun 14, 2018 |

Doe Deere created the makeup brand called Lime Crime. Both she and her brand are famous for their bright and bold colors. Stylist recently interviewed Deere. The interview focused on the latest developments from Lime Crime and what the future holds for the company and Mrs. Deere herself.


Lime Crime is now considered to be a cult brand with an almost cult-like following of customers. Stylist publication thus inquired what Deere thinks makes a beauty product have cult status. The makeup company founder said that being a cult product simply means that you are unique and distinguished from your competition. She says she has always focused on standing out and being unique. This is how her brand managed to go from an in-home startup to an internationally renowned brand right now.


Stylist then asked Doe Deere why her products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. She says these company policies reflect upon her own personal attitudes. Lime Crime does not engage in any animal testing. The products are also made without any animal products and are thus certified to be vegan. Lime Crime also does animal charity work, so it fits quite naturally with the idea of being a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand.


Doe Deere was then asked if she has made any mistakes as an entrepreneur. This was then followed up by a question about how she overcame any mistakes she had made. Mrs. Deere says that she had made plenty of errors throughout her life. Everybody makes mistakes, especially entrepreneurs she added. It is important that you learn from your past mistakes and that you are able to bounce back from these setbacks. Lime Crime’s recent cybersecurity breach was an example of how the company learned from a setback. The company is now taking cybersecurity more seriously than ever before for the sake of its customers, employees, and profits.


Next, Stylist asked Doe Deere what she sees as being a big beauty trend in 2018. She said that she sees 2018 as being the year of the color purple. Deere states that you can expect to see a lot of different shades of purple being released by Lime Crime this year. This includes varies hues of lavender, lilac and other kinds of purple.


Doe Deere is considered to be a highly creative, original and successful female entrepreneur. Given this, Stylist asked Doe Deere what advice she would give to aspiring female entrepreneurs. Her advice is to look for any gaps or niches in the market that can be fulfilled by a new product or service. She also says it is important to look ahead at any new developments that may occur in the field or sector you are in or planning to enter. New developments can help you, or they can disrupt your current business model.


Doe Deere also stated that she is a very intuitive person. She believes that all business people need to trust their inner voice or gut feeling. It is also important to pursue what you like to do and what you are passionate about. Once you have identified what you can do and what you want to do, you then need to go and executive your plan. This involves taking action and inevitably taking a risk.


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