Drew Madden address health IT issues

Oct 29, 2018 |

Drew Madden is a founding partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. This is a company in the healthcare sector that works with healthcare services providers in the United States to make sure that there is sufficient technology in the management of patients’ data information. Drew has always been passionate about building strong company cultures and effective teams that can facilitate the change needed in the healthcare sector. Drew Madden has previously worked with Nordic consulting Partners for six years. He developed this company from when it was a startup with only ten employees to when it became a top consulting firm in the healthcare sector with over 700 experts. Under his leadership, Nordic performed so well that it won multiple awards of excellence in the management of business operations.

One of the areas of healthcare IT where he has specialized in for the past 15 years he has been in practice is Electronic Medical Records (EMR). While he was working for Nordic, he helped it to establish partnerships with over 150 client partners. The revenue also increased from $1 million to $130 million per year. Drew Madden was working as a consultant for EPIC before he joined Nordic. Drew Madden currently holds a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Iowa. His first job in the healthcare sector was with health IT firm known as Cerner Corporation.

The idea of Evergreen Healthcare Partners came from the need to implement solutions in the healthcare sector that are based on the latest technology. He believes that there can be an efficient workflow in the healthcare industry as long as there is the utilization of the best technology. He has always been passionate about IT-based solutions. The real challenges that face the healthcare industry according to Drew Madden are in the areas of operational management and the utilization of technical skills needed to change the industry. Evergreen is committed to transforming the industry through the best people and experience. They have a team of experts who are well experienced and have the necessary expertise needed to solve the needs of the industry.

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