Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Vijay Eswaran

May 13, 2019 |

Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur and philanthropist based from Malaysia. Eswaran is the founder and Executive Chairman of the Q1 Group of Companies which is a multinational business headquartered in Hong Kong. It also has a location in Kuala Lumpur as well. The company has operations in over 30 countries worldwide and therefore has a considerable international presence. Before getting involved in entrepreneurship, Vijay Eswaran worked as a taxi driver to finance his educational programs in accounting and management. He attended college programs in both London and the American state of Illinois. After completing college, Vijay worked as an information systems engineer for numerous companies in both North America and South East Asia.

In the late 1990’s, Vijay Eswaran organized a direct selling network in the Philippines following the Asian financial crisis. This business would combine both direct selling and ecommerce. The business would eventually become QNET and become a leading company in South East Asia. With the establishment of this company, Vijay was able to help a number of people get involved in entrepreneurship. It would also allow his company to expand to other parts of the world. By the mid 2000’s, his company became the top direct selling network in the Middle East and Africa. After building his business, Vijay Eswaran now participates in V Convention hosting, motivational speaking and training. He is also involved in establishing a partnership between his company QNET and the Premier League soccer team Manchester City FC.

Over the course of his career, Vijay Eswaran has developed a number of diverse business interests. He started up the Q1 Group of Companies along with investing in real estate. He also oversees a lot of investment interests in education, retail and hospitality. Along with being a highly successful entrepreneur, Vijay is also a very active philanthropist. He provides 10% of his business profits to charitable causes. These charitable causes include schools and community development for children with special needs. These schools help children with learning disabilities in Malaysia. Vijay is also involved in mentoring entrepreneurs and helping them succeed in all of their business ventures.

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