For Securus Technologies it is an Honor to Protect and to Serve

Nov 3, 2017 |

Dallas, Texas-based Securus Technologies offers its clients biometric analysis, emergency response, public information, incident management, and investigation. The is not a complete list of their products and services.


For the 3,450 public safety, policing agencies, and correctional institutions and those incarcerated in those facilities Securus provides monitoring products and services, communication, inmate self-service, and information management. All these goods and services work towards one end, “Providing technology that revolutionizes the incarceration environment and progressively helping facilities to improve public safety“.


Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Rick Smith states that weekly the company adds goods and services that better enable police and corrections departments to thwart and solve crimes.


The quality of Securus’ services is best gauged by their users. The following is a recap of emails from Securus clients. Names and locations have been omitted to safeguard the presumption of a suspect’s innocence.


A corrupt staff member who promoted contraband in one facility was caught through the monitoring of phone calls providing probable cause for an arrest.


Monitored phone conversations in another facility yielded information regarding alcohol consumption by inmates, the dealing of drugs within the facility, possible contraband cell phones, intimidation, suspicious conversations about money, a shot fired incident, and prescription drug dealing by a civilian.


Securus Technologies’ LBS software helped a sheriff’s department to seize millions in in illicit drugs and proceeds from their sale.


One communication praised Securus for enabling the facility to stay ahead of the promotion of contraband.


Yet another call monitored through the jail phones Securus offers caught a suspect in a shooting coaching a sibling on how to answer any queries about the shooting.


The role Securus plays in promoting both institutional and public safety was the theme of one email.


During an investigation, Securus’ covert alert feature led to an arrest.


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