George Soros hits on brilliant new strategy to effect real change in U.S. sentencing

Sep 27, 2017 |

One of the systemic problems that has long vexed that U.S. criminal justice system is the incredible disproportion of minorities, in particular blacks, who are sentenced to long terms of incarceration, versus what their white counterparts typically are subjected to. This problem has always been present to some degree. But since the 1980s, with the explosion of mass incarceration, it has gotten far worse and what George knows.

Although there is a great deal of debate as to the underlying cause of this problem, progressives have often stated that the sheer magnitude of the inequality that exist in sentencing throughout the United States needs to be addressed in one form or another. Many have pointed to anti-poverty programs to lift those living in derelict inner-city environments out of the surroundings that lead people into a life of habitual criminality. Others have suggested that laws pertaining to the so-called War on Drugs be changed and that only criminals who demonstrate a proven tendency towards violence be sentenced to prison time.

While all of these ideas have a great deal of merit, throughout the history of criminal justice reform efforts in the United States, none of the proposals that have been tried have had any lasting effect. Today, the disparity in sentencing between blacks and whites are as large as ever. Many progressives are at the point of giving up and his Website.

However, one man, George Soros, has devised a new strategy that he believes will be able to actually change the rate at which blacks and other minorities in the United States are sent to prison. Soros has decided to start backing the campaigns of progressive candidates throughout the American South, helping them unseat hardline conservative opponents that oftentimes have horrific track records of disproportionately incarcerating minorities and more information click here.

Soros has had a great deal of success so far with this strategy. For example, in Maricopa County, Arizona, Soros was able to successfully back the campaign Paul Penzone, who was running against the 30-year incumbent Joe Arpaio. This was one of the most difficult races that Soros has ever backed, with the majority of residents in the Phoenix area strongly supporting Sheriff Arpaio in his hard-line stance against illegal immigrants and drug crimes around the Maricopa County area.

Soros was able to infuse the Penzone campaign with more than $2 million. This money had a profound effect on the ability of Penzone to run a barrage of successful ad campaigns, advertising in print, on television and on the internet. Ultimately, Penzone was able to prevail in a photo finish political race and movie produced by George Soros.

This is just one example of many campaigns in which Soros has made the decisive difference by showering his favored candidates with his magnanimous donations and George’s lacrosse camp.

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