Gino Pozzo’s football passion

Apr 12, 2019 |

Gino Pozzo has earned a perfect reputation for carrying dull lower-division clubs by managing them to top flight leagues in their respective countries. He is now the owner of Watford Football Club, a club that is based in England. He is one of the well-spoken about key figures in the world of football today all over Europe. Gino Pozzo was born in Udine, Italy with a football passion and enthusiasm. He was related to the former presidents of the Udinese Calcio football club through his mother and has since then stayed loyal to the Udinese club. When Gino turned 18, he relocated to the United States where he acquired a Masters from Havard University. He later married a Catalan who made him move into Barcelona, Spain for 20 years before moving to London with his family where he got a chance to be directly involved with the daily operations of Watford football club.

The Pozzo family has had a reputation all over the years when it comes to football clubs ownership starting with his father who owned the Udinese club back in his country in 1986. They use their woodworking industry businesses to fund their clubs. In 2008, the family sold their woodworking businesses to concentrate more on their investment in football. Gino Pozzo explains that the passion for football drives them to do what they are doing and it all begun with his father’s achievements when he took over Udinese Calico whereby he led them from Serie B to the Champions League. The experience has inspired the family to apply the same knowledge at Watford today. Within his early years in Watford, Gino moved his family to London and is promising and hoping to take the club to success in English football and long-term growth.

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