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Nov 18, 2017 |

The healthcare system in America is getting complicated by the day. Technology has almost everything to do with it. The latest advancements in various kinds of treatments has left many patients overwhelmed. Dr. David Samadi explains vividly the latest changes in the American healthcare system in his weekly show, “Sunday Housecall with Dr. Samadi”.

The ‘Sunday Housecall with Dr. Samadi” is a new and interesting program which was launched in September 2017. The program just like many other shows is available online through Livestream. Besides, the program is also available on Dr. Samadi’s official website. Users can also access it through their favorite social media platforms.

“Sunday Housecall with Dr. Samadi” covers a range of topics which basically answers questions that most people always have. It handles topics to do with the latest technological treatments as well as equipment in the healthcare industry. Topics are usually designed to cater for the needs of average viewers who are often concerned with the latest technological changes in the healthcare industry and how they directly or indirectly affect them.

To make it sound even better, the program provides for live feedback from viewers on different issues being discussed every week. Viewers are encouraged to ask questions through emails or by calling directly during the live broadcast. Guests are also often invited to shed light on different issues with regard to their specialties. Dr. Samadi also makes the show interesting by providing a very interactive platform where viewers are able to engage one on one with the guest speakers, and learn more about Dr. Samadi.


Who is Dr. Samadi?

Dr. Samadi is not your ordinary doctor no wonder his show has already become popular despite being launched just a few weeks ago. He is currently the chairman of Urology as well as chief of robotic surgery at Lennox Hill hospital. He went to Stony Brook University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry under full sponsorship. He completed his postgraduate education in Urology at Montefiore medical center as well as Albert Einstein College of medicine in 1996 and 2000 respectively.

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— Dr. David Samadi(@drdavidsamadi) November 17, 2017

Dr. Samadi has done a lot of research as well as innovations in the field of medicine. His desire is to see more people enlightened on what is going on in the healthcare industry in terms of technological advancements. His latest show, “Sunday Housecall with Dr. Samadi” has even made it easier to connect with the general public. A lot of people stand to benefit from his vast medical experience, and

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