Gregory Aziz Has Ensured National Steel Car Is Successful While Giving Back To The Community

May 15, 2018 |

Gregory James Aziz has become one of the most easily recognized individuals in North American business. He serves National Steel Car as the Chief Executive, President and Chairman. The Ontario based company leads engineering and manufacturing companies all over the world in railroad freight cars.

Gregory J. Aziz began his life in 1949 when he was born in London, Ontario. His education started at Ridley college and commenced when he majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario. In 1971 he joined the Affiliated Foods wholesale business run by his family. During the course of twenty years the company expanded. They became a leading importer to the Central, Eurpoean and South American markets of fresh foods. The distribution market stretched from Eastern Canada all the way to the United States.

Greg James Aziz then began working in New York in investment banking during the 1980’s and part of the 1990’s. This is what enabled him to purchase National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. He wanted the company restored to their once great status. From there, Gregory James Aziz was determined he would ensure the company grew into North America’s lead company for railroad freight cars. Greg Aziz placed the emphasis on the excellent team building and engineering capacity of National Steel Car.

Gregory James Aziz provided the capital and human investment necessary to expand the manufacturing capacity of the business. There was an increase in the production ability of the 3,500 possible units at the time of purchase to the 12,000 freight cars possible by 1999. During this time the employees of the business went from 600 to roughly 3,000. Due to the engineering and manufacturing excellence of Gregory J. Aziz, National Steel Car leads the industry in innovation and every year thousands of freight cars are produced.


National Steel Car has made a solid commitment to the community of Hamilton. They sponsor the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, The United Way, Theatre Aquarius and numerous additional charities. The past and present employees along with their families participate in the food drive as well as the annual Christmas party. The Aziz family sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair; the largest agricultural fair in Canada. Greg Aziz resides in Toronto with his wife and children. The family is well known for the support they provide to the equestrian community. Their activity in the area is commendable. During the Royal Winter Fair Horseshow they have sponsored several classes.


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