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Nov 9, 2018 |

Cute pixie cut or chic bob? Voluptuous volume or sleek shine? Deep Chestnut or fiery Auburn? With so many choices and styles, the world of hair care can be a doozy to navigate. We use our hair as a means of expressing our individual style and personality. But with every cut and color, we strip it of vital nutrients. As women especially, it is important that we maintain and nourish our hair. And trust me that can be quite a chore. With so many different hair care methods and products available, choosing the best way to take care of your hair can be a rather daunting task. And of course, you want to do it right. Well, that’s where I step in. In this article, I’m going to give you some tips on how to keep your hair as healthy and happy as possible, for a long time to come.


First up, let’s discuss products. As I said, there are many out there, and you definitely want to be careful when choosing. One brand that I like to recommend is Wen. I’m sure some of you have heard of it, but for those of you that haven’t, don’t worry, I’ll give you all the details. Wen is a brand of hair care and beauty products created by Chaz Dean. What makes his products unique is that they’re all natural, containing few to no harsh chemicals, preservatives or dyes. There’s a little something for every hair type with Wen products, and with so many different recipes catering to different hair needs, this brand is one I’m sure you’ll be pleased with.


Moving on to methods, I’m sure you’ve heard of many. You may even have a few of your own. Depending on your personal needs, the methods you employ may vary from those that I use. Here are just a few examples from retailmenot.com:


Little to NO heat: Heat causes breakage and drying.

Moisture, moisture, moisture: This one’s a no-brainer

Try going for all-natural alternatives: Man-made chemicals and dyes strip the hair, says testimonials I found online

Be gentle: Hair is strong, but it is also delicate. Try not to brush/comb your hair when it is in its most fragile state- wet

Shield and protect: If you can, at night (and even during the day if possible) put a protective garment (like a wrap or scarf) around your hair to shield it from the elements

Use replenishing masks: These can range from store-bought to homemade, but, they remain effective regardless of where you get them from

Clip those dead ends: For people with longer hair. Though this isn’t a necessity, it will help expedite hair growth and leave the hair more even in length.

For more tips, visit the Wen YouTube channel.

View the Wen company profile on inc.com.


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