How Igor Cornelsen Has Transformed Brazil’s Investment Industry

Dec 29, 2018 |

There are many investment opportunities in Brazil. In the 2000s, the country became one of the world’s hubs for corporate investment thereby boasting of rapid economic growth and abundant natural resources. The pro-growth policies issued by the government have increased the corporate interest in investment. For Igor Cornelsen, making it as an investor in the country requires an individual to understand the nature of various stocks in the market. However, this could be challenging for some people. Therefore, he offers some of the best investment tips that novice and long-term investors can use to succeed.

Igor Cornelsen hails from Curitiba. He was a student at Panama University. He pursued engineering and economics before finding a job in the industry of banking. He first served at Multibanco where he oversaw investment banking. He registered outstanding performance before heading to Unibanco, where he was appointed to serve as a senior executive. During that time, computers didn’t exist. Therefore, Igor Cornelsen could understand the complicated equations involving compound interest rates, which was a rare ability.

Igor Cornelsen’s Investment Advice

Mr. Cornelsen started his company to help investors to make right decisions involving their businesses. That was a huge step for him. Today, he also writes articles in which he advises business professionals regarding marketing opportunities. He focuses on Brazil’s market since he has a valid understanding of how the economy shifts annually. He also knows that the industry has hidden opportunities. He follows the latest trends in business and is always committed to finding solutions for businesses through a detailed product and services trend analysis.

Cornelsen is an avid reader of international publications focusing on various economic issues. He understands the impact of temporary dwindling of the value of the stock on long-term investments. His opinion on the market comes from real-life experiences.

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