How Securus Technologies Helps Corrections Officers with Crime Prevention

Nov 3, 2017 |

The biggest problem we have as officers in our state jail is that the inmate population keeps exploding while my staff remains the same. The only way that we can prevent crimes in the jail is by utilizing different technology to help level the playing field. Inmates who have access to weapons or drugs will use them and then hurt other inmates, officers, and even visitors coming to see their loved ones in our facility.


Recently we reached out to Securus Technologies to help us prevent some of the crimes that have been escalating inside our jail. This company has a huge headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and the thousand employees working for the company are committed to a single objective, to make the world safer. When the CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, spoke with us about the success of his inmate call monitoring system, we needed to see it in action for ourselves.


The telephone monitoring system is miles advanced from the one we are currently using. The new system doesn’t even need officers to monitor calls any longer, the LBS software is programmed to identify chatter about everything related to contraband, drugs, and weapons. If the inmate mentions anything related to these subjects, officers are instantly alerted by the software so they can get ahead of any potential issues.


Here are a few examples of how the new monitoring system is preventing crime in our facility:


Inmates planning attacks on rival gangs by way of the phone allow us to remove the participants before trouble occurs.


If an inmate talks about acquiring medications from family at the guest center, we intercept those visitors.


When inmates talk about making weapons, we immediately do a cell inspection to find the mentioned weapons.


Today, we rely on Securus Technologies to help maintain order in our jail.


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