Incredible Leadership Qualities Expressed by Louis Chenevert

Nov 9, 2017 |

Louis Chenevert is a French-Canadian leader who attended the University of Montreal, HEC Montreal and earned a bachelor’s degree in production management. With his knowledge, he has worked for some successful companies including General Motors and United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

Mr. Chenevert worked at General Motors for 14 years before entering the Pratt $ Whitney, a subsidiary of UTC. After six years of hard work, Louis was elected president of the whole Pratt & Whitney division in 1999 where he served wholeheartedly for seven years. He then joined UTC and was elected president and Chief Executive Officer. At UTC, Louis managed to achieve a worth close to $ 100 billion in a single year which impressed many entrepreneurs because most of them have not yet made that in their entire career.

One of his primary objectives was to purchase Goodrich. After more than a year of promising discussions, negotiations and creating a relationship with the Goodrich management, they settled on an acquisition agreement worth $ 18.4 billion. Chenevert believed in committing to investments and not only concentrating on having the most advanced technology. From the day he joined UTC, Chenevert made a personal mission to use all his abilities to make UTC better than he how he found it.

Moreover, Louis Chenevert used the principle of using the right technology will take a company towards success and also investing in the right people. An example of the company investing in people is through providing a program called Employee Scholar Program which caters to the cost of employees interested in pursuing further education in specific fields. Over 40,000 UTC employees have earned degrees since 1996 worldwide.

Mr. Chenevert had a unique ability of forward-thinking which allowed him to pick out promising projects which would improve the company. Other than acquiring Goodrich, Chenevert also saw the company through other projects such as UTC’s Pratt & Whitney unit won the lobby to manufacture and supply the F-35 engine for the US Air Force among others. Louis Chenevert departed from UTC on December 8th, 2014 after resigning. Louis Chenevert created a strong foundation for UTC which is felt up to date.

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