Learning with the Generosity and Leadership of Gregory James Aziz

Dec 17, 2017 |

National Steel Car is recognized in North America as the best company that provides railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing services, and it is backed by awards and other recognition prizes throughout the years.

Throughout the company’s history, the National Steel Car has more than 100 years of experience, but it was only when Greg James Aziz took over its helm, in 1994, that it really became the giant that it is today, a giant whose shoulders all the other companies in the field stand on today.


Since 1994, Greg is the CEO, Chairman, and President of the company, the leader that all employees of National Steel Car look up to. It is a given fact that, also, because of this group, Greg achieved greatness in the world of entrepreneurship, but also through this company he has “perfected” traits that he’s been acquiring since he entered the business of his family, a food provider company named “Affiliated Foods.” Nowadays, Gregory Aziz is not only the entrepreneur behind National Steel Car, but people also know that he gives back to the people with charity and has become recognized as one of the most generous philanthropists in the world.

Greg J Aziz’ journey to becoming a business tycoon started when he enrolled economics as a major at the University of Western Ontario. After joining his family’s food wholesale business called the Affiliated Foods, he went to New York in the 80s where he had a very successful career in investment banking. With his family, he learned everything about business leadership and development, the importance of financial administration, and how the sales sector worked. The inclusion of Greg in the company boosted the sales in the exterior market by a significant percentage.


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Due to this financial success, he was able to purchase the National Steel Car company, and, using all the experience and skills he has gathered throughout his career and travels, he was ready to lead National Steel Car to greater heights by increasing their overall revenue.


In his first five years of being the leader of National Steel Car company, he was able to increase its production rate from 3,500 cars per year to 12,000 and give jobs to a lot more people with an employment growth of 600 to 3,000, also in just five years. Click Here for additional information.


James Aziz’s success is only rivaled by his generosity in philanthropy. He and his wife generously sponsor several charities, and their family uses the National Steel Car company’s events as food drive and fundraisers for the people.

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