Nick Vertucci’s Seven Figure Decision Book is the Best

Nov 8, 2018 |

Nick Vertucci has just published a new book called Seven Figure Decisions. Vertucci believes the difference between being wealthy and being middle class is the decisions people make. If you play it safe making investments, you can’t get rich. A seven figure income will make you a member of the millionaire circle.

Nick Vertucci wasn’t born into a wealthy family. He gained his wealth through trial and error. Vertucci once lost his wealth and had to regain it. In Seven Figure Decisions, Vertucci shares his sad experience and the fundamental building blocks he used to get back his wealth. An inspirational guy, many people in real estate and finance say it’s the best book on investment they ever read. Vertucci teaches people how to go beyond their investment fears to focus on their goals. You can persue your passions, focus on the big strides made.

In the early 2000’s, Nick Vertucci started the Fortunes in Flipping System. Vertucci’s father passed away when the real estate mogul was 10 years old. Vertucci sadly watched as his mother took over the job as family breadwinner. Vertucci graduated from Canyon High School in 1984. After high school, Vertucci made it a mission to never be in financial need. Vertucci, at 18, was living in his car until he found a job. Nick Vertucci got jobs in business, starting at the bottom and quickly working his way up.

In 2004, Nick Vertucci founded NVREA Real Estate Academy. Vertucci wanted to help people get over their fears about real estate investment and put them on the road to financial freedom. Vertucci was in the tech business in 2001 and was on the verge of losing it. A friend, who was also losing his business, had invited Vertucci to attend a 3-day real estate training seminar.

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