Obsidian Energy Ltd appoints Edward Kernaghan to the Board of Directors

Jan 28, 2018 |

Obsidian Energy recently appointed Edward Kernaghan to the Board of Directors. George Brookman, the acting chairman of the board, revealed that Kernaghan’s financial experience will be essential to the company. He added that Kernaghan’s presence on the board creates the right blend of skills required to drive the company forward. Brookman confirmed that the management is happy to have Kernaghan on the board. Kernaghan also expressed his readiness to joining the team. He further expressed his willingness to support and offer advice regarding management and the current strategy of the board.


Edward Kernaghan has served as the Executive Vice President at Kernaghan Securities. The firm was established by Edward and his father, Ted Kernaghan, in 2001 to provide advisory services to high net worth clients. Edward currently serves as the President of Kernwood Limited and partner at Kernaghan & Partners. He is also a board member at several TSX listed companies. Kernaghan has a Bachelor of Science, Honors degree and Master of Science in Theoretical Physics from Queens University and the University of Toronto respectively.


About Obsidian Energy


Obsidian Energy Ltd is an oil and natural gas company established in 1979. The company was formerly known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd before changing to its current name in 2017. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Obsidian Energy was once named among the sixty largest companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


The company’s extraction fields are located along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin which is one of the largest petroleum reserves in the world. Production is sourced from Alberta Viking, Peace River Oil sands, and Pembina Cardium. In order to minimize turndown on new wells, Obsidian Energy utilizes an integrated waterflood approach to maintain reservoir pressure. The company produces around 30,000 boe every year. See This Article for related information.


Safety and care for the environment form a vital concern for Obsidian Energy. The company has various programs and rules that ensure employees, visitors, community and the environment is protected. Obsidian is dedicated to constant advancement of these programs. Obsidian Energy is a firm founded on excellent ethical standards with a committed team working to ensure accountability to shareholders, community, and partners.


Source: https://www.obsidianenergy.com/

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