Portfolio Manager Sandy Chin Introduces Reading Program

Feb 9, 2019 |

Sandy Chin has been a very successful portfolio manager in the financial services industry. Recently, Sandy saw that a local public elementary school PS11 was in need of assistance. She found out that students at a West Side New York City school needed to provide books for kids during the summer. Since buying books for kids would financially burden many parents, Chin has decided to step in and help the school get the resources it needs. Sandy Chin will assist William T. Harris School which serves low income students in the area.


Many children often experience a decline in their reading skills over the summer. A number of children get involved in other activities and therefore don’t actively read as much. With a lower load of reading, students will likely need to get these skills updated when the school year starts. However, it is important for students to read during the summer so that they can keep their reading skills intact. Sandy Chin will help introduce a program to help schools provide books for students as well as encourage them to read during their summer break. Since a three month summer break is a long time for most students, they can forget how to read and what they learned in school. This can result in students having their reading skills backslide by one grade level. To help with this issue, Sandy Chin will look to encourage students to not only get books to read but also visit a local library as well.


Chin will volunteer to hold summer book drives at PS11. The objective will be to collect a number of used books and give them away to students at the elementary school level. With this program, children will be in position to have books that they can take home and read during their summer break. The new program is known as Books, Boxes & Bodies. On June 19th and 20th, all of the books will be put up for donation and hope that there are a sufficient amount of books available for the students.


Sandy Chin is the chief investment officer and portfolio manager at Tidal Bore Capital. She has worked as a portfolio manager at Visium Asset Management LLC for a few years before joining Tidal Bore Capital. While she worked at Visium Asset Management, she specialized in managing pharmaceutical stocks. Chin was also an analyst at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrettte International and at a senior analyst at SAC Capital Management and Moore Capital Management as well.


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