ReVita Blu and M1ND

Jan 25, 2019 |

Having a happy and healthy life is something we all strive for. We’d like to look younger, stay fit, have more energy, and live longer to take advantage of all life has to offer. It’s something adults of any age desire and invest in heavily and health and beauty products can be found in every country and culture. It is a universal desire. Many companies excel in business selling directly to these virtues; however, some companies have a wider goal in mind. This is true for Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, owners of Jeunesse Global. They see products and the methods of selling them as a benefit people can partake in around the world.

Jeunesse promotes itself as offering unique, scientifically tested products using high-quality ingredients. It offers a full range of items from vitamins to hair products. But owners Randy and Wendy enjoy another trait just as much: providing better employment to people around the world globe. The products are sold by individuals in their local neighborhoods rather than through larger businesses. The representatives work as hard and often as they like, allowing them the flexibility to receive income in the way that is most convenient for them. Randy and Wendy like seeing the results. People in countries around the world are benefiting their lives, and this brings them joy.

Quality products are indeed part of the mix. If a product is going to bring financial benefits, it has to deliver on its promises. Jeunesse spends large amounts of time and money working with doctors and scientists to ensure their products have the right blend of natural and effective ingredients to deliver on their promise. One such product one they have named Revita Blu. It is a drink mix powder formulated through stem cell research and made of all natural ingredients such as buckthorn berry, blue-green algae, and Aloe Vera. All are well known in the industry for their health benefits and are all natural, effectively hydrating your body and supporting body systems.

Another example of their products is M1ND (spelled M…1…N…D). These are specially designed and produced gel packs consisting of corn and silk protein which aid in memory retention and clarity. Backed by clinical trials, these products are made to increase memory, fight distraction, and help people stay on task, all done with ingredients found in nature.

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