Robert Deignan: SaaS Companies’ Most Advisable Tech Lead

Dec 10, 2018 |

Many people living in the world today fail to even know exactly what a SaaS company is or even how vital some business elements are to maintaining the success of these companies. However, to businessmen like Robert Deignan, this types of information remains at the forefront of his daily business inquiries because he is the CEO of the leading customer service tech company ATS Digital Services. Included within his duties as CEO is the responsibility of managing the operations of the company whereby he has come to learn that the most successful companies maintain their status via the prioritization of customer satisfaction.


Yet, for SaaS companies that are characterized as being companies that base the value of their worth upon the prosperity of their subscription services rather than the sale of tangible goods, Robert Deignan advises that the key to the longevity of business for these companies lies within the building of their brand through customer support. According to Deignan, investing within highly convenient/satisfactory customer support is extremely vital for SaaS companies because it helps to retain existing customers that are indeed assets to the company. Long-term customers bring value to SaaS companies. Nevertheless, in order to maintain customers’ business and prevent them from canceling their subscriptions, the only thing that these companies have to do is make sure they resolve customer issues in the most effective and time-efficient way as possible.


Moreover, prior to becoming both an affluent business owner and business advisor, Robert Deignan had proven over the course of his life that he possessed both the potential and the aptitude to be a proficient business leader. Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Robert Deignan had acquired an extreme interest in football as a child whereby he carried his passion for the sport throughout high school. During his senior year, he received a full football scholarship to college whereby he chose to attend Purdue University to earn a degree in 1995 for Business Management. But being dedicated to football in both spirit and skill, Deignan went on to play professional football in the NFL from 1997 to 1998. Nonetheless, just as Deignan had been entirely devoted to football, he applied the same wholehearted focus when he decided to switch career paths to entrepreneurship. After investing within several projects (Fanlink, Inc., iS3) and staying committed to having carried out his own business research, Robert Deignan launched ATS Digital Services in August 2011—a company that has since acquired global recognition for its provision of premier customer service tech support via its implementation of remote technology.

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