Robert Ivy: Honoring The American Institute Of Architects

Mar 30, 2018 |

The architectural world is one of mystery. Everyone has their own opinion of what makes a great building, which makes honoring architects difficult. Architecture doesn’t really have trends because most buildings have the same basic shape with only a few different aspects. That’s why people Robert Ivy exist.

For years, Robert Ivy worked as a critic for many of the nation’s top architectural publications. In 1996, he joined Architectural Record and led the journal to the top spot. Over the next two decades, Robert Ivy built quite the reputation for himself and the publications he works with as the best.

His greatest accomplishment was being named the head of the American Institute of Architects. This is what every architect hopes to be a part of when they make it. The American Institute of Architects started over 150 years ago and has been a beckon for the entire architectural world.

The American Institute of Architects isn’t just a club that architects formed a long time ago. It’s their way of keeping their industry and alive and thriving. Together, the American Institute of Architects is one voice that represents them all. As one voice, they’re able to work with federal, state, and local lawmakers better than most.

The American Institute of Architects also created “Designing Recovery”, a competition that aims to help communities recover from natural disasters. The contest splits $30,000 between three winning teams that create a unique single-family housing design. The criteria are improving quality, diversity, and resiliency of each community.

American Institute of Architects members also use professional interest areas to create new ideas and responses. Their community and profession rely heavily on teamwork and cooperation. They especially work together to get young professionals involved. They’ve even created intern programs at nearly every local component to aid young architects.

Part of their mission is to also educate the public and community leaders. They accomplish this by introducing interactive events within each community. Raising public awareness is important for the community, the environment, and architecture itself. When everything works together, the future looks a lot brighter.

AIA also have outreach programs that specifically target mayors and community leaders. They’re trying to get communities to embrace more environmentally friendly building designs. Two of their top programs won awards of excellence.

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