Sawyer Howitt The Great: The Man That Has Helped Businesses Grow

Aug 23, 2017 |

Sawyer Howitt is the king of entrepreneurship. Although Sawyer is barely eighteen years old, he has established himself as a robust businessman and entrepreneur. With Howitt having been born in Portland, Sawyer has used his energy and knowledge to make the world become better. Since he was a young boy, Sawyer Howitt has always had that inherent ability that allows him to understand the financial and functional needs of any business in depth. Also, Sawyer has never backed down from any challenge, something that has built his confidence as an entrepreneur and businessman.

In as much as Sawyer Howitt has had a profound involvement in financial matters, he has not let work deter him from academic issues. Currently speaking, Howitt is a second-semester senior. Sawyer anticipates on attending the University of California with the primary aim of advancing his career in finance and business. Today, Sawyer Howitt has taken up the role of Project Manager at The Meriwether Group. Apart from engineering businesses to succeed, Sawyer Howitt is a proficient player in racquetball. In the recent past, Sawyer has spent much of his time attending to school and business. However, Howitt has also spared a considerable amount of time playing in men’s singles racquetball tournaments.

Howitt’s career in business and entrepreneurship has helped him initiate programs meant to be of benefit to women and the youth. Howitt’s passion for seeing the world progress has caused him to be an active philanthropist. As a hard working gentleman, Sawyer has found his motivation from his father, David Howitt as well as a couple of executives working at the Meriwether Group. Working closely with individuals that have been in the business world for years, Sawyer has found a place where he can easily grow his knowledge and experience.

As a side practice, Sawyer has been slowly improving on his customer care skills that happen to be ideal for running any profitable venture. Although Howitt is a young man, he depicts the kind of wisdom only found in the elderly. Every morning, Howitt wakes up anxious to learn a new thing, since he believes that success is earned rather than inherited.

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