Southridge Capital is Performing Well under Stephen Hicks

Oct 4, 2018 |

Southridge Capital Management has been operating as private equity and advisory firm in the US. Since its formation more than twenty years ago, the institution has partnered with many small companies, offering them the capital needed to expand their business and advice to keep up with the competition. The institution has also been supporting investors to start and improve their ideas. In the past years, Southridge has also helped many organizations in merger and acquisition activities. Hedge funds have a rough time in the market in the recent years. The competition has been tough, making most people close business even before it has established itself in the industry. The company main offices are found in Ridgefield. However, it has done so well over the years, starting new branches in many cities in the US.

Stephen Hicks has been the center of this organization since the first time it was mentioned in the market. Southridge Capital was started when Stephen Hicks was still working for a small hedge fund that was owned by an Australian boss. When his boss needed to go to Australia and spend a year, Stephen Hicks asked whether he could be allowed to start his hedge fund and still work for the organization. Southridge Capital operated and changed lives when its owner and founder was still employed and working for a different employer. The businessman was willing and committed to work for more hours in the day so that his dreams could turn to reality. His efforts have also paid off because the hedge fund has been very successful, and it has also acquired a special position in the American hedge fund industry.

Stephen Hicks can only have done so well because of his hard work and the kind of upbringing he had when he was a young man. His experience in investment matters and financial advisory has also been a primary player in the success Southridge Capital has been getting over the years. Hicks is also a graduate who has been able to get to some of the best universities in the Universities for his finance degrees. You can checkout to see more.




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