Southridge Capital, Stephen M. Hicks, And The Power of Finance

Jun 27, 2018 |

Stephen M. Hicks is a seasoned business professional who currently splits his time working in financial services between the states of Connecticut and his home state of New York. Mr. Hicks has earned quite a positive name for himself over the past four decades, having grown Southridge Capital to roughly two billion dollars’ deep in terms of investments made over the firm’s entire life. He’s also become known for reaching such a respectable mark of total revenue over the years because he started Southridge Capital without any help. Further, having kept the number of employees at Southridge Capital under 50 and still reaching the $2-billion mark is something to be extremely proud of.


Who is Stephen M. Hicks?


Mr. Hicks currently assigns the joint titles of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board to. himself, though he’s held both positions without interruption over the past 22 years and five-odd months of operation.


Stephen is proud to call King’s College and Fordham University his two college-level alma maters; Mr. Hicks attended the former college for a four-year degree and graduated in 1981, whereas he bagged a post-bachelor, graduate degree in 1983 from Fordham University in none other than the one and only Big Apple. You can visit their Facebook account.


Here’s a few more things to know about Stephen Hicks


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Now it’s time to check out Southridge Capital


Southridge came to fruition in 1996 by Stephen Hicks and nobody else. Mr. Hicks currently competes in one of the most affluent areas of Connecticut – not just Connecticut; the entirety of the northeast United States, for that matter – better known as Ridgefield.


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