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Apr 4, 2018 |

Sussex Healthcare, a facility that caters to senior citizens, recently announced that is has taken on a new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Taylor began taking on some of her responsibilities earlier on in the year so that she could get better acquainted with her role. And it’s because of this great headstart that she is expected to make a huge impact on this senior living facility. In fact, Taylor is already making a difference with her team management skills. She has established a Director of Quality–a role expected to assist with service improvement and compliance.

Taylor is well-qualified for the job boasting over 30 years of experience in health and social care. This has given her a chance to become more familiar with the way providers and councils work together. The appointment of this new CEO is a step in the right direction for Sussex Healthcare as it demonstrates that they are very committed to offering the best quality possible.


What Sussex Healthcare Specializes In
Sussex Healthcare is composed of over 20 care centers for seniors, individuals who struggle with neurological disorders, as well as those who live with dementia and suffer from learning disabilities. Their goal is to make sure that residents enjoy a great sense of well-being. This is why they host social gatherings and other recreational activities for their residents.

Perhaps one of the best features about these facilities is the gym. Even residents who have limited mobility are able to pursue fitness with a little assistance from the staff. It has a pool to help those who have issues with their joints and a hot tub to help with sore muscles. And those who have greater mobility are able to use the machines and free weights.

Sussex Healthcare’s has made it clear that its mission is to make sure that all of its residents get the best of individualized care. And one of the major benefits is that this facility does not discriminate based on an individual’s age. They realize that disabilities can affect people of all stages of life. So no matter how young, they are willing to help make the proper accommodations and ensure that individuals remain in the best of health.

This senior living home has been in operation for quite some time. In fact, Sussex Healthcare was established in 1985. It is based in Horsham, West Sussex, located in the United Kingdom.

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