Talk Fusion: Revolutionizing Video Marketing

Jan 22, 2018 |

The digital world is now more prevalent in marketing than ever. We are in a new age where digital marketing is now the most efficient way to reach millions of customers. Talk Fusion is a company that is revolutionizing digital marketing in this phase in our technological world. Talk Fusion is providing businesses with innovative video marketing products. What’s the next big thing in video marketing? Talk Fusions multiple video marketing services.

This company is empowering businesses to speak in an advanced digital voice in order to communicate effectively with customers. Talk Fusion began around 2004 when Bob Reina realized that sending a video through an email was impossible. He realized that sort of digital communication would be exponentially useful in the marketing world. It all started with video email and then grew into a multitude of different services. Talk Fusion can provide businesses with the ability to use video chat, video email, live video meetings, signup forms and video newsletters. Talk Fusion is compatible with all operating systems. Businesses are taking advantage of the useful marketing tools that Talk Fusion provides. This company is continuing to grow in popularity every day and strives to consistently keep its video messaging technology advancing.

Recently, Talk Fusion is gaining attention in the news due to its new office in New Delhi. Talk Fusion recently published a press release declaring its decision to expand to India. The new office will now reach the Indian marketplace and provide a stable support system. Talk Fusion has also announced that the offices in India will be used as a training facility as well ( Guru Lal Singh, the new manager of the office in India is confident that video messaging will greatly improve marketing and communications for the local market. Bob Reina and Guru Lal Singh both agree that India could be one of the top marketplaces for Talk Fusion. Bob Reina will soon collaborate with the new team members at the India office and ensure its future success. He is positive that this type of marketing that is being expanded to India will better the lives of residents and businesses in the area. Associates working for Talk Fusion are paid within minutes of each sale, which is an extremely beneficial compensation structure. They are also encouraged to help others join the Talk Fusion team, which keeps the business growing quickly.

The quality of these video emails will prove to be a key marketing tool for Indian businesses. Reina has been optimistic of this working out exceptionally well because of the success he has seen with the video marketing services in the United States, as well as 140 other countries that Talk Fusion has expanded to.



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