The incredible success of Roberto Santiago of Manaira Shopping Mall

Mar 16, 2018 |

Roberto Santiago is a prolific businessman behind the success of Manaira Shopping mall. The mall is renowned in various parts of Brazil due to exemplary services it provides to it clients. The mall is located in Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago developed a passion for business while at a young age. His entrepreneurship skills were developed in a small business that he started while he was still young. The company dealt with the production of cartons. The business flourished through able leadership of Roberto .he used the profits from the carton business to buy huge land at Roberto Santiago. The purchase of the land opened doors for the real estate business. The land has been converted into real estate business with attractive apartments.

Roberto Santiago has demonstrated his competence in real estate business through the malls that he has established. Manaira Shopping mall is one of the largest malls in was launched officially in has remained vibrant since it opened .millions of customers visit the mall annually since it is strategically located. The mall occupies a space of approximately 135,000 square has ample space where the customers can park their cars. The construction engineers and architects adhered to internal standards of construction. The college that is located in the bank has attracted thousands of students .it has many financial institutions. The entertainment centres in the mall attract a lot of people. The entertainment centres provide services form both children and adults. Other facilities that are available in the mall are gym, boutique and movie hall. Roberto has ensured the customers can obtain all the products and services under one roof. The mall provides first class services that suit the needs of the customers. He renovates the mall regularly to ensure that new features are added to keep in trend with emerging issues in the market.

The movie theatre has been designed with modern 3D equipment that ensures the clients enjoy the movies. The customers obtain enough fan from high technology facilities in the theatre. The can enjoy snacks and pop corns while enjoying the movie. The food stores have meals that meet the needs of both the local and international customers. The restaurant can serve food for individuals and families. They have enough space that can accommodate many customers at once. The serene environment that is provided by the mall attracts both international and local visitors.

Manaira Shopping mall has another hall that has been constructed on its roof. The mall is known as Domus hall. The hall has attracted both international and local artists. The mall was launched in 2009 after its completion. The mall has operated effectively due to enough invest skills that Roberto Santiago has applied. The alumnus of University Centre of Joao Pessoa has potrayed his skills in Business Administration are fundamental in managing the mall.


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