The Lengthy Career of Louis Chenevert

Jan 17, 2019 |

A businessman needs to be kind, dominant, and proper in their demeanor. However, the internal passion for what they do is what sets apart the average individual, form a successful business owner. Louis Chenevert was a man who reshaped the aerospace industry over the course of his career. In a recent Ideamensch interview, Louis Chenevert recounts the story of his career from childhood, to his first job, and up to the highest potions he ever held and beyond.

The story of Louis Chenevert begins several decades ago when he graduated from University of Montreal with a degree in Production Management. His first job right out of college was at the local Ford assembly plant. He then worked up the ranks to work for Pratt & Whitney, and ultimately ended up as Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation by 2010. In the interview he discusses some of the challenges and positives of working for such a major company. In a environment where the products have to be constantly updated and innovated in 30 year cycles, it was the perfect place to revolutionize the industry. He lays out a list of goals he achieved ranging from product acquisitions, to the implementation of the GTF engine.

During his time at United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert cites several aspects to his success at the company. He preferred to focus on smaller teams with an overarching organizational structure. This allowed for more efficient development and innovations that could trickle down the company. He has become fascinated with how technology has completely overhauled the production process. The speed at which a product can be created is much faster than ever before. Louis Chenevert cites his most useful habit as being able to provide his teams with the proper resources and work space to conduct their work to the fullest potential.

Overall, Louis Chenevert enjoyed his time working the industry. His ability to find and team up the right people took years of experience. However, the end result was always worth the initial time investment. His aerospace industry legacy will be seen for generations to come.

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