The Rich History of National Steel Car and CEO Gregory Aziz

Dec 16, 2017 |

National Steel Car is North America’s leader in the production of the highest quality of steel freight cars in North America. While the production of railroad cars may not seem particularly exciting, the company has a rich history that continues on to this day. The company currently is being run under the leadership of Gregory J. Aziz. Aziz holds the titles of Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman. One of his focuses has been to share the 100-year-old history of National Steel Car.


The company was founded in 1912 when six successful businessmen came together with the goal of building a freight car manufacturing company in Ontario, Canada that would rival some of the best manufacturers in the world.


When Greg Aziz first joined the company in 1994, he brought with him a drive to continue that overarching mission of the company’s initial founders. Aziz goal was to push his entire team to reach new heights. These goals had become a bit lost when the company was purchased by an outside buyer. In fact, it was Greg J. Aziz who oversaw the purchase of National Steel Car back from its then owner Dominion Foundries and Steel (Dofasco) in 1994. Immediately after the purchase he left his career in investment banking to join the National Steel Car Team.

National Steel Car is best known for its superior manufacturing and engineering of the rail car. However, the most interesting facet of the company is the reputation they have built. Their reputation is one where vendors speak highly of their products and their pristine customer service. The company is the only railroad company in North America that has won the elite TTX SECO award annually for over 10 years. This award alone is a salute to a great company culture and strong leadership.


Greg Aziz is very passionate about giving back to the Hamilton, Ontario community (National Steel Car’s headquarters). The community is very tight knit and National Steel Car is a large provider of jobs in the town. The company hosts an incredible event during the holidays where all National Steel Car Employees – past and present – are invited to bring their families to a celebration of the holidays. This event has become something people look forward to each year and really shows the community culture that National Steel Car has for its employees. View Related Info Here.


As National Steel Car continues to grow, the company’s strong leadership will be essential to manage that growth.



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