The Success of Ginoo Pozzo

Apr 27, 2019 |

Italian businessman Gino Pozzo has built a career that is respected by many. For more than two decades he has found himself in numerous leadership positions. Currently he serves as the managing director and legal owner of Watford F.C., a a professional football club based in England. Pozzo has worked closely with his family to construct a successful family business. He is considered an innovator and forward thinker in his space.

Gino Pozzo earned a masters degree from Harvard University. His parents Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo were passionate about football. They raised Gino in Udine, Italy. The Pozzo family has maintained a strong loyalty to the Udinese club for many years. The family purchased the Udinese club in their hometown in 1986. They have become well known globally for their passion for the sport.

The Pozzo family has been involved in many industries during their existence. For many generations they were involved in the woodworking business. The family also owns and manages an electrical appliance business in Spain. Over time the company has continued to expand and has become involved in property and finance mergers. Their purchase of a football team was fueled by their passion and commitment allowing them to help their local club get through a difficult period.

Gino Pozzo credits most of his success to his unique hands on approach. It is a style that has lead him to great success. Pozzo is the leader and creative mind behind the family’s scouting-driven model of club ownership. This innovative approach has to much success and growth. While Pozzo spends time in his local office, he makes time daily to participate in meetings, trainings and football recruiting. He makes it a priority to be hands on with as many parts of the company as possible. It is this approach that has lead to much of his success.

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