Waiakea Water for a Healthy Body, Environment, and World

Nov 9, 2017 |

Bottled water is the leading beverage brand in the world. Waiakea Hawaiian Water Company is one of the famous water company around the globe, it sources its water from a natural ecosystem of snowmelt and rainwater. It is located on the slopes of Mauna Loa volcanic mountain in Hawaii making its water rich in ingredients that nourish the drinkers. Founded in 2012, the company produces bottles of water through sustainable and unique processes that are environmentally friendly.

Waiakea uses the volcano’s natural power to generate its water. The company values every step in the production of the bottled water from solid water to addition of natural minerals and also revolves around the happy customers. Waiakea Volcanic Water Company supply the brand to the Hawaii citizens, the United States and the various countries in need of the high-quality water.

Besides their efforts in socially conscious and eco-friendly activities, Waiakea cares for the less fortunate one. They have a spirit of positivity in which they contribute to various charitable causes. For instance, handily with Pump Aid, they donate many liters of water to areas suffering from water scarcity for each liter of water they sell.

Waiakea works with a triple bottom line base. They are always in the forefront in considering their social and environmental impact as well as the financial gain. They have rooted the principle from their mission which makes them unique from other companies that create a positive social and environmental impact for their public image to be fostered. All their brands are built and customized on sustainability. They embrace the idea of sustainability in every step of their operations.

Waiakea Hawaiian Water is devoted to starting using water packaging bottles that are fully degradable. They will reduce the packaging lifespan by 98%. Their water bottles will be 100% recyclable. They will be using TimePlast, a patented additive that triggers degradation of plastics. Currently, the company employs high-quality RPET which are also recyclable. Waiakea Volcanic Water is the top-notch purest natural environments on the Earth. After water passing through volcanic rocks, it enriches itself with minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium which are essential for your health and growth.

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